The inner layer is a type of proprietary hydrophilic cooling gel. This type of hydrogel is certified safe to use, even in direct contact with skin.

The hydrogel consists of 40% water and physically cools the body with the same principle as water: lower the body temperature by quickly absorbing and releasing heat.

Other components of the gel work together as agents to stabilize the liquid and to provide a consistent gel texture. In addition, they also serve as a heat transfer vehicle to enhance the power and speed of cooling.

The unique formula that mixes these components creates the hydrogel and provides the solution for sensational cooling and soothing unlike any other.

In normal conditions, the temperature of Geleeo remains a few degrees cooler than the temperature of the air around it without refrigeration. Once it’s in contact with skin, heat transfer starts immediately.

As long as you’re in touch with it, it would keep dissipating heat from you until it reaches the same temperature as your body. 

Unlike other cooling methods, Geleeo absorbs and releases heat constantly and naturally by itself without users’ continuous attention and care. One pad can be repeatedly used for heat dissipation on a daily basis for years. It’s the best outdoor cooling method and it doesn’t involve ice, fan, air conditioning, or electrical input. It’s safe, clean, eco-friendly, and low maintenance. Geleeo welcomes you to a brand new way of cooling!

Patent Pending. We strongly advise parents to avoid taking their children out when temperature exceeds 35°C (95°F), even with the help of a Geleeo liner.