My Story

As the parent of a toddler, seeing my kid sweating in her stroller was stressful. I often wondered how it felt to be strapped into a chair made of warm and non-breathable fabric. Worse, my daughter often developed heat rashes and became cranky and impatient. Sadly, when I looked for cooling options, I found no optimal solution.

Some options, such as ice packs, needed to be frozen beforehand. This meant I had to think and plan every outdoor trip and carefully calculate enough freezing time, which was very unpractical. On top if that, frozen ice pads only lasted a couple of hours. Once melted, the magic was gone. And frankly, sitting on a pack of ice is just too cold and uncomfortable.

Other options are made with breathable fabric and claim to reduce sweat. While it sounded great on paper, in practice, it just didn’t work. That’s because even the most breathable fabrics only encourage some degree of airflow, and they do not provide any cooling at all. Even with good airflow, when the air itself is hot, this method didn’t provide the result I was looking for.

Running out of options, I decided to take action in my own hands and investigate other alternatives. After years of long, in-depth research, I discovered this new and hard-to-believe proprietary gel that is made to stay cool without refrigeration. The technology was so advanced that when I showed the prototype to my friends, no one had seen anything like it before, and one of them is a material engineer! I knew I was on to something rather rare.

From the moment I found this material, I was determined to turn it into a stroller product that would benefit my daughter and other children like her. While the concept was easy, the work was hard. I visited many potential factories, evaluated all possibilities, finally selecting the most capable manufacturer and the safest materials, and designed the product with them side-by-side. After a long process, I finally invented a first-of-its-kind product that answered all my wishes: safe, convenient, comfy, stylish, long lasting, low maintenance, and most importantly, self-cooling!