What is Geleeo?

Geleeo is the only self-cooling liner made for kids in strollers! Inside the
liner, a proprietary hydrogel provides a constant, gentle and soothing
cooling sensation to the contacted skin. It requires no prior refrigeration,
freezing or energy consumption and is the most revolutionary,
convenient, and eco-friendly way to keep your toddlers cool outdoors.

This award-winning product was invented and designed by a parent, for parents, to prevent children from overheating in their strollers. Geleeo was developed with the goal of keeping children happy on the go! 

  • Requires no prior refrigeration
  • Constantly provides a gentle cooling and soothing sensation
  • It’s green! No energy consumption, no freezing or battery needed
  • Universal fit for all toddler strollers with detachable straps. Does not support BOB strollers
  • Gel consistency ensures no leakage even in case of rupture
  • Waterproof fabric for easy cleaning. No washing required
  • Made with safe materials and compliant with U.S. and European standards
  • Reversible, with four color combinations