What is in the gel?

The gel is mostly composed of water, mixed with other ingredients according to our proprietary formula. This creates a gel that constantly stays cooler than the ambient temperature.The gel is mostly composed of water. Water mixes with other ingredients according to a proprietary formula, which create a gel material that constantly stays cooler than the ambient temperature.

What is the outside of Geleeo made of?

The fabric on the outside of the pad is a non-toxic nylon taffeta that offers protection to the inner materials, as well as a waterproof seating surface. Nylon taffeta is a common material and is widely used in many consumer products, such as ski jackets.

What colors does Geleeo come in?

Geleeo comes in blue, pink, grey or champagne with an orange trim.  The reverse side of each pad is grey.  Geleeo is designed to be used reversibly on either side. Caregivers should remove tags when using the grey color side.

Why doesn't my Geleeo pad feel cold to the touch?

Geleeo was carefully designed to stay a few degrees cooler than its ambient environment, in order to provide a cooling sensation without feeling cold. We conducted extensive lab tests to confirm it works as designed. This is key to providing a comfortable and soothing experience for children. This means Geleeo will never feel like it came out of the fridge (unless you put it there!). Nobody likes to sit on a pack of ice!  


In addition, there is a noticeable difference between simply touching a Geleeo pad with your hand and feeling it with your body. Therefore, we always advise parents who are new to Geleeo to try sitting on it to get a first-hand experience.

Can I use a cover over Geleeo?

A general rule of thumb is, the less isolation between the skin and the pad, the more effective it’s going to be. 

How long does it stay cool?

The amount of time depends upon three variables, including the ambient temperature, starting temperature of the pad, and the size of the person sitting. To provide a reference point, under most summer outdoor temperature between 24°C/75°F and 32°C/90°F, it takes about an hour for the pad to reach the same temperature as the toddler's body when the starting temperature of the pad is 20°C/68°F. 

Does Geleeo need to be refrigerated or frozen before using?

First off, never freeze Geleeo!


Second, refrigeration is never required, but recommended under certain conditions. We also provide the following tips to help parents use Geleeo:

  • Outdoor temperature under 30°C/86°F: the pad does not require refrigeration.

  • Outdoor temperature over 30°C/86°F: while not required, 30 to 60 minutes optional refrigeration prior to outdoor use is recommended in order to extend Geleeo’s effectiveness.

  • Outdoor temperature over 35°C/95°F: we strongly advises parents to avoid taking their children outside, even with the help of a Geleeo pad.


At the end of the day, we simply recommend using common sense when taking kids outside in hot weather, and experimenting with the Geleeo pad to see what works for your particular conditions.

Can Geleeo be used in car seats?

No. The Geleeo stroller pad is NOT designed for car seats and has NOT been safety and crash tested.  In addition, during summer the extreme heat condition inside a passenger compartment can warm up a Geleeo pad and eliminate the effectiveness of cooling. Although it would be cooled down by air conditioning later on, we do not recommend using a Geleeo stroller pad in car seats.

Could Geleeo ever get warm or hot?

Yes. The most typical case is with vehicles parked outside in the summer. We have all experienced going back to our car hours after parking, opening the door and finding a vehicle as hot as an oven. Any item left inside the vehicle will get very hot: clothes, car seats, and even Geleeo pad. In this case, when you take out the stroller with the Geleeo pad, just give it a few minutes before placing your child in the seat. Once it's in the open air, it will start cooling down quickly.

How can it be cleaned?

We designed Geleeo to be cleaned easily by using mild soap on a damp cloth.  Never machine wash or dry clean. Never bleach or iron.

Where is Geleeo made?

Geleeo is designed in New York and Paris, and produced in China.

Is the product patented?

Yes, this product is patent pending.

Has the product been safety tested?

Yes.  The entire product has passed all safety standards required to sell the U.S. and European Union.  We are currently producing and distributing for the U.S., Europe, and other parts of the world. Please see our "Safety" section to learn more.

Will the pad fit all strollers?

Yes., the pad has been designed to be universally adaptable for all major brands of strollers, as long as straps are detachable so they can be passed through the holes in the pad. Be aware that some strollers sold by Bob Strollers may not ave detachable straps, so if you own one we encourage you to check before purchasing your Geleeo pad.

How often and how many time can it be used?

One pad can be used on a daily basis for years with proper care. Please see the Geleeo user guide for product care instructions.

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