Geleeo is proud to have received the following awards:


Fox 26 Houston Review

MetroMom Review

MetroMom and Kids Product Expert Barbara Arnodin Reviews Top 10 Products of ABC Kids Expo 2013

MomFluential Review

Ciaran Blumenfeld from Momfluential Reviews Innovative Products of ABC Kids Expo 2013


ABC Alabama Review

Geleeo featured on ABC Alabama's review of cool products to keep kids comfortable in the summer

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I found Geleeo a year or so ago. I'm obsessed.

One of the 12 baby products we wish existed for adults

One of the five life-changing mom gadgets and best innovations in Baby Gear.

"One of the 5 best stroller accessories 2015"

"I was extremely impressed with Geleeo"

"Keeps my always hot baby cool."

"An absolute lifesaver of a product."

"If you live somewhere with hot summers, you’ll not want to miss this."

"Perfect for those hot days when you and your toddler need to be out and about."

"I was thrilled when I came across Geleeo."

"Get ready for one chill summer."

"Geleeo is an absolute must for this summer."

"It's such a simple, effective way to cool the kid off that there's only one flaw: it doesn't come in an adult size."

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